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Write Direct Mail Copy That Sells!

As many advertising companies (or businesses which handle their own marketing campaigns) realize the valuable customers who are able to be reached through direct mail and are getting back into it, it has created a lot of new or blended techniques and designs that are more like something you would expect to find in your inbox rather than your mailbox.

Flashy, bold, and “eye-catching” materials aren’t near as effective as crisp, clean, and clearly written copy. Here are 3 quick pieces of information about this method of communication that give it a superior impact with consumers:

Succinct and Precise Headings:

Numerous studies have shown the short amount of time that you have to gain a prospective client’s attention. Short but informative headers that mention company products/services and benefits are extremely effective.

Provide a Valuable Incentive

Offer something that is hard for the customer to resist. A significant discount on a service, a free item with the purchase of another, or anything else that creates a financial benefit to the customer are all popular options.

Direct Call-To-Actions

The CTA should be obvious, that you are asking for the reader’s business. But in addition to that, it also gives the exact instructions on how to redeem the special offer presented in the mailer, such as your free item or discount.

If you are ready to launch your own mailing campaign, or even if you just want to discuss some ideas that you might have, reach out to us at Premium Productions. You can give us a call and speak with one of our expert marketers if it’s more convenient. Our number is 800-297-1990. We can’t wait to help you develop a smart and effective direct mail program!

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