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Working Together with Direct Mail and Email

As you put together marketing campaigns for your dealership, you want to reach a wide audience and generate sales. The two most common types of campaigns are direct mail campaigns and email campaigns. To learn how these marketing channels differ and work together, keep reading.

Direct mail and email marketing have two big things in common: they’re frequently talked about and they’re predicted to decrease in popularity. However, these predictions are simply not true. Both direct mail and email marketing have proven their success over the years. It’s just that in order for these campaigns to be successful, they must be done correctly.

Email marketing is hard. A lot of people may assume it is easy, but these same people think that email marketing is a dying form. In order to make an email marketing campaign successful, you need to target the appropriate population. For example, if you’re offering a discount on maintenance and services, you need to send these emails to customers who have a car. On the other hand, if you’re sending out emails advertising new makes and models, you want to send these emails to customers who either need a new car or will need a new car soon.

Direct mail is a tried and true marketing form. Even though a lot of people check their email more frequently than they check their mailbox, most people still go through the mail they receive. If a direct mail campaign is done just right, customers are likely to react to the ad. A physical piece of mail, whether it be a postcard or brochure, can grab a person’s attention, especially if they are interested in the discount or service you are providing.

One of the best ways to create successful direct mail and email marketing campaigns is to combine the two. This is called omnichannel marketing. When the two campaigns correspond with one another, they can extend their longevity and reach a wider audience. In order to connect your campaigns, include your website in your direct mail campaign and encourage clients to share their home address in your email campaigns.

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