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What are the Best Fonts for Printing?

So, you’re probably already aware that not every font option from your word processing software works well in professional publications or print mail marketing. Wingdings just don’t cut when you want to entice a client or customer to buy into your product or business. There are a lot of font types from which to choose, but what are the best fonts for printing?

Let’s consider some of these important factors for selecting the most optimal font for your printing tasks.

  • Make sure that it’s clear and easy to read
    • Some fonts are easier to read, while others can be downright annoying or force you to squint and decipher. Helvetica, Georgia, and Veranda are all good options for readability. Anything that is too cursive is bound to frustrate the reader.
  • Don’t use too many different font types
    • While it’s a great idea to mix different fonts to contrast different aspects of your publication or flier, you don’t want to go overboard with it. A good way to vary your fonts without getting too hectic is to use the ones that are in the same font family.
  • Match the font type with your branding scheme
    • Do you have other branding materials that employ certain fonts and colors? Those would be the best to continue using when starting a different print promotion. This could also pertain to your specific industry. Jewelry companies can make more use of cursive fonts, whereas it doesn’t make sense to do that with a plumbing business most of the time.
  • What’s the optimal font size?
    • The most optimal font sizes are between 10 to 12. Use smaller sizes sparingly unless needed for a specific purpose. Sometimes there is a call to use larger fonts to set certain items apart from the rest of your message. You wouldn’t want to overdo that either though.
  • White Spacing
    • White spacing is important to this topic as well. As soon as you get your font size, type, and color right, you want to also be certain that characters and text are spaced appropriately. It’s also critical to leave some space leftover for graphics, figures, charts, or other items you need to insert into your print promotion.

Hopefully, these font selection tips will be useful to you. Premium Productions specializes in everything related to print/digital marketing, branding, email campaigns, and direct marketing. It’s our job to ensure that your printing quality and appearance is top-notch because it has such an enormous impact on conversion success as well as presenting you and your business in the best possible light. If you have any other questions on how you can take advantage of our services, feel free to contact us by phone at (800) 297-1990.

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