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Is Traditional Marketing Still Alive?

Before the rise of the Internet, businesses depended on traditional marketing channels such as TV, radio, and newspapers. Getting a Yellow Pages ad in the local phone book was common and practical because people used the book regularly to find business phone numbers. All that is changing and businesses need to change with it.

Fortunately for businesses, marketing organizations have adapted to the changing landscape as well. Many smaller local advertising magazines may have folded up their tents, but the survivors have learned to be competitive at lower costs to their business advertisers. Newspapers offer digital editions for people who don’t want printing ink on their hands every day, with downloadable coupons and ads so businesses can reach their customers.

So the question of whether traditional marketing exists is best answered by “yes, with a digital twist.” When you look at your mail every day, you probably see postcards or ad inserts from local businesses. This is traditional marketing linked to the digital age because many of those ads have been targeted through Internet channels to local areas near that business or even to specific customers.

Direct mail can still be very effective, but a new form of mail delivery is email. If a customer has interacted with your company, you can send them targeted emails without being considered a spammer. Good email marketing programs offer customers a way to opt-out, as well as the ability to forward the message to their friends and family with a referral result.

For companies with larger budgets, there are still traditional billboards along the highways. Over-the-air television may have been replaced somewhat by cable or satellite TV, but a business can still communicate with potential customers through their televisions. Look at all the car sales ads if you consider TV a dying marketing channel.

There are two things you need to do well to succeed with any advertising:

  • Know who your customers are. Spend your money on reaching them, don’t just blast the greater metropolitan area with generic ads. Use your ad dollars to reach the best customer demographics.
  • Create a sales proposition or message that sets your business apart from others. Describe how your business will better serve that customer than your competitor down the street.

Make your advertising budget go farther by using Premium Productions to help create your marketing identity. We can provide a wide range of advertising services from direct mail to TV and radio advertising and can help you create a unique identity to set you apart from the competitors. Contact Premium Productions today and put new and traditional marketing to work for your business!

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