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The Value of Multi-Channel Marketing

Direct marketing from Premium Productions is not driven by a single marketing channel. Direct mail can be very effective for auto dealers, but there is much more to successful marketing and this is where multi-channel promotions are key. Multi-channel simply refers to not being locked into a single marketing campaign, such as direct mail or email to existing customers. Here is why multi-channel marketing is so important.

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No dealership can predict whether their customers prefer to call, mail in a contact form, visit a website, or send a text message to their sales force. When the dealership focuses their attention on only one of these channels, the impact on sales will be lower. Customers need to see a marketing message on a variety of platforms, using different channels and response methods.

Acquiring new customers means the dealerships have to spread their message further using print, mail, email, and even TV and radio. They can narrow down their focus later using incentives and promotions to get the most promising new clients into the dealership. More important is how Premium Productions designs the multiple channels to make them most effective.

  • First, we will always test a new marketing channel to determine if the message is effective and generates interest by the reader. This is important whether using direct mail or email because the dealership has a very short window to catch the attention of the reader.
  • We also work with the dealerships to determine how they want their marketing money spent. We encourage the use of multiple marketing channels due to their effectiveness, but dealerships may have preferred methods for reaching out to their customers.

If you want to expand your dealership’s reach, consider multi-channel marketing from Premium Productions. Reach out to us today at 800-297-1990 to get started.

The Value of Multi-Channel Marketing for Automotive Dealerships

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