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The Key Differences between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

In today’s world, the landscape has greatly changed when it comes to how businesses want to market themselves, but also how they NEED to. Gone are the days where a billboard overlooking a busy freeway or a commercial on TV were  prime real estate to get your product or services in front of leads. Today, there aren’t only the traditional avenues of marketing, there are now digital as well. And it’s important to know the differences. 

What is Your Marketing Strategy?

Traditional Marketing

When it comes to traditional marketing, it’s an industry that has been around for over a century whether that means print ads in newspapers, billboards, signs in windows, commercials on tv and radio. Traditional marketing strongly lies in the realm of the physical, meaning the advertising pops up in real life. This type of marketing is great for local markets because the leads are usually the ones in the places that the ads are. For instance, an ad outside a barbershop for shampoo is well placed because it pertains to hair. Traditional marketing may be the oldest form of marketing out there, but it still has its place in sales in a major way.

Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing on the other hand is a space that has developed wholly over the last decade. With a vast amount of tech emerging that has transcended the past ways of consumerism, big box stores have slowly become only a portion of the market. With players like Amazon and Walmart utilizing the online sales world, even dominating, digital marketing is the shift to ads on places like websites, screens, in-between YouTube videos, and documentaries on Hulu. 

The Similarities

As different as these two marketing tactics can be, they are fairly simple in many ways. For one, marketing is nothing without the proper leads. And whether it’s traditional or digital marketing leads have to be correct for the type of ad being displayed. A commercial for arthritis pain simply won’t work during Saturday morning cartoons. Another similarity is pay to play. Whether you’re advertising on a billboard or you’re running ads on Amazon Fire Tablets, you need to have the funds to run those ads. 

The Differences

With all the similarities between digital and traditional marketing, knowing the differences will make or break how your business thrives. A small pub does not need an ad on a skiing website. And a pair of skis do not need a commercial during a Superbowl. The differences lay solely on the medium and the user of that medium. 

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