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Successful Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns

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Automotive Direct Mail Advertising

One of the best reasons to send Automotive Direct Mail? It motivates recipients to take a specific action like visiting your store, buying your product or requesting more information. To spur this kind of behavior you need a powerful, relevant offer that has real value for your target audience. An incentive or reward that motivates customers and prospects to respond to your Automotive Direct Mail Advertising, either with a purchase or a request for more information. But no matter what type of offer you create, you’ll need to convey it in an engaging way.

Consider these tips to get recipients’ attention:

1. Stick to one offer. Avoid using multiple offers in the same piece. Your prospect likely is skimming your mailer, and the slightest bit of confusion could derail your message.

2. Use language that entices. Even though they’re used everywhere, words like “free,” “save,” “new,” “sale” and “guarantee” arouse curiosity.

3. Produce a sense of urgency. An offer is best when it has a deadline. Phrases like “for a limited time only,” “call now” and “supplies are limited” create excitement and encourage folks to respond.

4. Display it prominently. Don’t let graphics, copy or busy colors overshadow your key message in your Automotive Direct Mail Campaign.

5. Tell them how to respond. If you want recipients to bring the mailer in to the store, visit a personalized URL or return a Business Reply Mail™ card, be clear about telling them to do so.

You may choose to simultaneously test different offers to see which perform well. Or, test the same offer using different copy. Keep in mind, too, that a single offer may not appeal to everyone you wish to reach. You may need to choose different options for different segments of your target audience.

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