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Success Comes with Integrating Social Media with Direct Mail

The digital era has created a new way to market your business. Just because digital marketing can help your business grow doesn’t mean direct mail is no longer effective. For the most successful advertising campaign possible, consider integrating social media with direct mail.

Combining your digital marketing with your direct mail marketing can increase your response rates by 30 to 60 percent. This figure can grow even more when you add social media into the mix. In order to help these numbers rise, you should strategize for success.

Social Media

The first thing to think about when you plan an advertising campaign is the goal of the campaign. What are you trying to accomplish with your advertisements? Are you having a sale? Do you want to increase store traffic? Are you doing a giveaway? Once your goal is clearly defined, you’re ready to start putting together your campaign.

Blending social media and direct mail can help potential customers connect to your business. If you want to build anticipation for a product release, social media marketing can help. You can supplement your social media marketing with a direct mail campaign that announces the release of the product. Unique brand postcards can help generate extraordinary response rates through social media sharing, which can grow your following online. Also, physical mail can feature QR codes or augmented reality social media icons, making it easy for people to respond to your campaign through your social media accounts.

Want help combining your social media presence with your direct mail campaigns? If so, reach out to Premium Productions! You can contact our staff by phone at 800-297-1990. Our professional team can help your business grow, so don’t hesitate to reach out today!

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