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This Holiday Season, Stand Out with Interactive Postcards!

In this age of ultra-competitive markets and the emerging global economy, more and more businesses and individuals are frantically searching for ways to set themselves apart from their rivals. For most of these people, that entails a heavy dose of online and digital media geared towards prospective customers or clients.

But we here at Premium Productions want you to know there is a much more direct and targeted approach in which you can not only effectively reach these same folks, but also very specific demographics within these groups. We’re talking about physical mail, and what businesses don’t know about it can definitely hurt them. Here are 3 quick points about this form of marketing and advertising:

Direct Mail Forges Memories

It’s very easy to just click the little “x” on the box when online advertising or emails find their way to us. It happens so quickly that we don’t really even have time to form a memory about what we saw. Direct mail creates a memory within the recipient even if they only glance at it for a short time.

Interactive Postcards Invoke and Engage Emotions

Whether it is a color, a phrase, an image, or some other aspect of the postcard, most recipients find some type of emotional connection to something that they hold in their hands.

Interactive Postcards Stimulate the Senses

From the moment you open up your mailbox, physical mail requires you to use your senses. The sense of touch and sight are immediately involved. According to research, these are two of the strongest senses used to create an attachment to something.

So if you are ready to discover how a direct mailing campaign can add a superior element to your overall marketing and advertising strategy, give us a call today at Premium Productions! Our phone number is 800-297-1990. Don’t miss out on this incredibly underutilized business advantage!

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