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Cross Sell Report & Campaign Eval

Automotive Cross Sell Reports*

One tool to better understand vehicle sale trends at your dealership is to utilize a Polk Cross Sell™ Report. This report allows us to review both new and/or used sales by the area dealerships and it allows you to identify and seize sale opportunities in your market. This is important information to ensure that you are clearly getting your appropriate share of sales in your immediate market. If there are fewer than desired sales in certain zip codes, we give that appropriate attention when we mail future campaigns.

We are also able to review this down to the models in your line-up as well. Maybe you are generating a lot of sales overall, but are missing one vehicle in your line-up. We can develop a campaign strategy to correct that as well.

*Not all data or all manufacturers available in all states. Call for details.

Evaluating Campaigns

How are you measuring your return on investment?

We are consistently reviewing the feedback of our clients to determine ways to improve future campaigns. We also review campaign evaluation reports generated by Polk to see just how many vehicles the targeted group of individuals sent the campaign mailer actually purchased. This measurement of your campaign means that you can easily determine if this is a direction that your future campaigns should continue to follow.

Some other interesting and helpful things you will discover when we generate an evaluation report: you will be able to see how many vehicles were sold over an 8 week period of time, and how many vehicles were sold at your dealership, compared to your competition, review the top 10 new and used registrations by make and the top 5 new and top 5 used vehicles that were sold to this group. This is helpful information, as you can see what used vehicles you may want to include in your inventory.

This constant monitoring of how the lists are performing is just one of the steps we take to ensure we are giving you solid suggestions about who to market to and why.

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Use our Automotive Cross Sell Reports in order to evaluate your campaign performance wherever you may be located. Serving White Plains, Newark City, and Philadelphia surrounding areas!