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Direct Mail

Advertise through direct mail with Premium Productions, Inc.


For the best in direct marketing, look no further than the services offered by our company, namely, a full-service solution from the experienced hands of our dedicated team at Premier Productions Inc. A talented creative staff and up-to-date technology offer exceptional results that will exceed your expectations.

Are you a car dealer interested in advertising? Then look no further than our specialized vertical. We specialize in creating the latest, most eye-catching direct mail pieces for dealerships. Whether you want us to devise a unique strategy from scratch or use an existing campaign redesigned for your dealership, we have what you need! Let us help take your dealership to new heights with our specialized solutions.

With our market-leading direct mail campaigns, you can give your competitors a run for their money. Our automotive campaigns are designed to help improve engagement with your existing and potential customer base.

End the search for a dependable advertising agency - look no further! We have decades of experience in direct mail advertising, especially within the automotive industry. Clients are more than satisfied with our services and would be delighted to speak to you about their positive experiences with us. Furthermore, feel free to submit a request to take a look at some of our successful marketing campaigns.

Generate More Sales

You will find a competitive advantage when you turn to the leader in performance-based automotive direct mail solutions across America.

We understand that you demand real, measurable results from your marketing dollars. That’s what you will get when you partner with a dedicated automotive direct mail team that will provide you examples of time-tested campaigns and a full analysis of your market area. We base our suggestions on your dealership’s needs before we ask you to do business with us.

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Marketing Services/Analysis

Are you wondering how to get better results from direct marketing? Are you frustrated with the results of your last automotive direct mail campaign? Need someone to give you some real marketing strategies and not just the “great new design” or “hot list”?

From concept to design and from production to delivery we know the steps that must be taken to effectively market your customers and prospects.

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Cross Sell Report/Campaign Eval

One tool to better understand vehicle sale trends at your dealership is to utilize a Polk Cross Sell™ Report. This report allows us to review both new and/or used sales by the area dealerships and it allows you to identify and seize sale opportunities in your market. This is important information to ensure that you are clearly getting your appropriate share of sales in your immediate market. If there are fewer than desired sales in certain zip codes, we give that appropriate attention when we mail future campaigns.

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