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Email Append

Many businesses have their customer addresses but don't have their customer email addresses, this is where we can help. Email append is the process of taking your company's customer database and matching email addresses to them.

When the matching process is complete, a thank you and marketing offer/opt-out email is then sent to your new online customers. This email is designed to introduce the benefits of receiving emails from you, as well as to give them the opportunity to remove their email address (opt-out) from your database.

Currently we are experiencing 20-35% match rates on consumer-related files, and our data is updated daily. Once we have compiled the email database it can be utilized in conjunction with other marketing tools such as direct mail. The multi-channel marketing approach increases response rates dramatically.

Email Append

Raw Records Price
10,000-15,000 $0.10 per piece
15,001-25,000 $0.09 per piece
25,001-40,000 $0.08 per piece

Price based on total raw record quantity in your database. Price includes initial email to allow for opt out requirements. This includes a marketing message too!

Database Email Blast with Append

Times Price
1X $359
3X $859
6X $1,299