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Call Tracking

You should know who's calling you and monitor each call.

Monitor Ad Performance – Increase Business & Grow Revenue

Testing and measurement are the keys to a successful direct marketing program. You need to know if your offer is resonating with your audience.

Incorporate our call tracking numbers in all your direct marketing efforts and you will have the ability to capture the phone leads your advertising generates, and see the call data results in easy to read reports. With trackable phone numbers, you can gather valuable data on potential customers and truly understand the demographics you are reaching.

Every call represents an opportunity and now you will be able to know everyone who called and, just as important, you can ensure you never miss another call. If you want we can set up an alert notification feature that will email you when a call is missed. If you have limited business lines this can be a real benefit as you may never have known that the caller was trying to reach you.

Be prepared with a whisper! Our whisper feature will identify which ad prompted the call before you're connected to the caller. What a great way to get started on the right foot towards handling the inquiry or making the sale.

Our technology works with mail, television, print, radio, online, or outdoors – anywhere you can include a phone number.

Don't just settle for standard response rates. Use different phone numbers to test offers or campaigns. Figure out what works. Learn about your targets and what moves them to take action.

Measurement is as simple as logging into your online portal. A variety of customized reports await, showing everything from call source to length of a conversation. You and your staff can even listen to recorded calls. Use it as a teaching tool — improve staff performance.

It's as simple as:

  1. Order your dedicated local or toll-free phone number
  2. Place the numbers in your advertising
  3. Monitor results along with your clients on your private portal

Even unlisted and caller-ID blocked numbers show up on the real-time call activity reports. Our platform is so easy to implement, and the calls seamlessly ring through to your existing phone system so no hardware or software is required.

Check Your Calls

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