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Run and Email Blast Campaign That Actually Works

Email blasts are programs that send your message digitally to a selected audience. They can be both useful and profitable if they are designed correctly. But there are a lot of pitfalls and you should take advantage of the professional services of Premium Productions to ensure your email programs work.

Email blasts got a bad name over the last few years as spammers deluged mailboxes with bogus messages that often contained malware or worse. Increasing regulations and prosecutions have greatly diminished spam emails and customers are becoming more comfortable opening emails they know are from valued companies. Premium Productions is well versed in all pertinent regulations of the CAN-SPAM act which sets the requirements for our email systems:

  • No false or misleading headers
  • No deceptive message subject lines
  • The message must be identified as advertising
  • You must include your location
  • Opt-out information must be given and honored
  • Companies must monitor any companies that act on their behalf

A carefully designed email blast campaign from Premium Productions will have several elements. Some we can design for you and some you must decide on your own:

Have a clear purpose

Your email may introduce a new product, offer a special promotion, or announce a new member of your staff. Whatever the reason, make sure the email will be something that benefits the majority of your recipient list. Sending repeated emails that simply state you exist will quickly be ignored.

Have a consistent voice

Customers can quickly become confused or disinterested if you are constantly changing the style or “voice” of your emails. Pick a style and content that offer a consistent look and reflects your business mission and purpose. Your message can change but the “voice” should be consistent.

Use email to suit the moment

The global pandemic has changed the approach of many businesses in how they now deal with customers. It is okay to use emails to convey your revised business methods to your customers. You don’t want them to be surprised when they try to enter your business and find out they must have an appointment. This is just one example of using email blasts to meet the moment.

Try to personalize your message

A bland form letter email will often be deleted as fast as your customers can hit the delete button. Even worse, continuing to send this type of email will get you opted out of a lot of customers’ inboxes. Figure out ways to personalize your emails to suit each customer. An excellent example of this is adding a note that you appreciated their recent purchase of a product or service, and then offer a coupon or discount on a future order.

Email blasts can be an effective part of your marketing strategy, and Premium Productions is ready to help with our extensive databases, professional email designs, and other email or direct mail services. For more information please give us a call at 800-297-1990.

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