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Ramp Up Your Dealership’s Email Marketing Success

Email is a a very useful way to keep in touch with your dealership’s current customers and also market to prospects. Other advertising is also important, but don’t ignore the value of an email channel to your local market. Email has been shown to have excellent customer acquisition and retention statistics and has a return on investment of up to $40 for every dollar spent. A good email system from Premium Productions can provide you this needed access to your marketplace because there are several things we do to promote your dealership.

Encourage Email Communications

Once we have developed a comprehensive email list for your dealership, your marketing channels are used to encourage customers to accept emails. One way to do this is a website overlay, where customers visiting your web page will see an offer to join your email list. If they accept you will add them to your marketing lists and can send them future communications. Overlay are very successful for adding email addresses.

Email Marketing from Premium Productions

Obtain Email Lists from Premium Productions

Premium Productions has a wide array of email lists which can be useful for your marketing area. We can create lists for a range of demographics to gain you access to age groups, income levels, new teen drivers, new parents, and so forth. You don’t have to create your own email lists when you work with Premium Productions.

Follow The Car

This email system is a strategy to track vehicles you have sold or serviced which have been sold to another party. If you can reach these prospective customers you may be able to get them back for servicing their existing car or selling them a new vehicle later.

Make Your Emails Mobile Phone Friendly

More and more, customers are using mobile phones and tablets to read emails and search web pages. If your email system is not configured properly for mobile devices, they will not appear correctly and will frustrate your customers. Premium Productions are experts in mobile-optimized email systems. Don’t settle for poor email systems which drive your customers away.

Use Videos

Adding videos about your vehicles, special offers, your sales or service personnel, or even your dealership with a video tour is a great way to engage your customers. Videos have a very high click-through rate which increases the time your customers spend reading your emails. Premium Productions can help you develop videos or can incorporate yours into the email campaigns.

Encourage Two-Way Communication

If you are going to encourage customers to interact with you using email, it’s very important that it be a two-way conversation. If your dealership doesn’t respond to customer emails, or responds but does no further followup, you are missing opportunities to gain customers and vehicle sales. Many customers who switch manufacturer brands claim they did so because of poor dealership communication. Let Premium Productions manage your email systems and we will ensure your dealership is talking with your customers.

Use Automation to Personalize Your Emails

Email automation continues to be more sophisticated, allowing your email system to personalize messages to customers, including the vehicles they own or have researched, service visits, or other information which creates a targeted message. Automation can also be used to create special offers or other incentives to specific customers. Premium Productions can show you a number of ways automated emails can gain you customers and improve the bottom line.

Contact Premium Productions today at 800-297-1990 and tell us how you want email to help your dealership grow. We can show you a wide variety of email options to keep you engaged with your customers and your local market area.

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