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With Premium Productions, You Have Options!

Creating a successful direct mail campaign depends on several factors. For one, your direct mail campaigns must be tailored to your dealership and your customers. In order to design a campaign that can help your dealership grow, you need options, and, with Premium Productions, you have options!

In today’s marketing world, many companies rely strictly on internet marketing. At Premium Productions, we believe that a combination of direct mail and 21st Century technology can be the most effective. After 20 years of experience in the automotive direct mail business, we know that our campaigns can help your company grow. We handle the campaigns for you, meaning your employees don’t have to worry about mailing out letters or handling address books. Allow us to create your campaign, mail out your letters, and utilize our database to create the most effective advertisements possible.

At Premium Productions, we can develop profiles of segments in your local market area. With these profiles, you can learn what customers have purchased what type of cars from competing dealerships. These profiles can also determine which customers who own leased vehicles are approaching the end of their leasing date. Your dealership can take advantage of this information by reaching out to these potential clients and advertising your lease options.

We can even help your dealership’s service department thrive. Learn which car owners are in need of routine maintenance or repairs. You can create a campaign tailored to their needs to draw in their business. At Premium Productions, we provide you with options that can help your dealership experience success.

Interested in working with us at Premium Productions? If so, reach out to us today! You can get in touch with us by calling 800-297-1990. We hope to hear from you soon!

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