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Plain Text vs. HTML Email: Which is Better for Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an important way to reach customers in today’s digital era. When creating email campaigns, you want to design something captivating and effective. You can choose between plain text and HTML emails, but which is better?

Plain text emails are emails without any frills. They are simple, straightforward, and safe. Meanwhile, HTML emails are emails that combine text and images in a unique layout. Depending on your company, your clients, and the content of your emails, one option may be more appealing to your company’s needs than another.

Plain text formatting is fool-proof. When you send plain text emails to market your company, you can have peace of mind knowing your emails won’t experience any formatting issues. Plain text emails also feel more personal. They are additionally easier to read for some.

However, plain text formatting has no design elements. They may not catch the eye of your client. They can also be hard to read for those who struggle with reading smaller text. Plain text email marketing does not include tracking either. Tracking is a way to see if your clients open your emails, click on your links, and respond to your marketing.

HTML formatting does offer tracking. You can use the advanced analytics of tracking to measure the success of your ads. You can also add branding to HTML formatted email ads. Branding can help your company stand out. Branding can also leave an impression on potential clients. Images are captivating, and HTML formatting allows you to add images to your emails to grab the attention of recipients.

However, HTML formatting isn’t always the most ideal option for certain companies. Adding GIFs to HTML emails can actually lower open rates by 37%. An HTML template can also reduce open rates by 25%.

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