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Millennials Love Mail. Here’s Why.

Millennials make up a huge part of the buying market, and it is essential for business owners to have a marketing plan targeted at this demographic if they really want their businesses to excel. Premium Productions has over 22 years of direct marketing experience, and believe it or not, printed mail marketing campaigns are effective with millennials, and here is why:

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In today’s digital world, there is an oversaturation of imagery and media. Advertisements in particular can be easily overlooked and passed off as extra noise. In contrast to digital media, physical media, like paper mail, is tangible and stands out more in consumers’ memories. Sending direct mail to personal mailboxes has a human approach that can be effective especially in today’s market. In fact, in one study, 50% of millennials reported that they ignore digital ads, whereas only 15% said they ignore direct mail.

And, interestingly enough, millennials actually enjoy receiving mail. According to a survey conducted by the USPS in 2016, 71% of millennials were more likely to scan their mail, compared to 66% of non-millennials. Additionally, 24% of millennials shared their direct mail information with others, compared to just 19% of non-millennials. So, when you send marketing mail to a millennial, you can reach an even bigger audience than you intend. 

And when it comes to purchases, 57% of millennials have bought items or services as a result of direct mail marketing. But, traditional mail marketing is not the best tactic that works for millennials. They respond better to “authentic” and transparent tactics that avoid hard sells. Having digital components like links and QR codes, as well as social or environmental perks, are also effective at reaching the millennial audience.

We understand that marketing campaigns can be tricky to plan and execute, and millennials in particular require special marketing tactics in order to earn their trust and business. Thankfully, Premium Productions is able to maneuver the direct marketing plans for you and guide you along the process. 

If you have any questions or would like to get your direct mail marketing plan started with Premium Productions, please give us a call at 800-297-1990.

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