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Make Your Direct Mail Postcards Stand Out from the Competition

Direct mail postcards are one of the best ways to attract the attention of potential clients. You can analyze data and strategize until you’re blue in the face. Without a design that grabs a customer and makes them want to take action, you can’t get results. At Premium Productions, we understand this better than most. We’ve compiled a list of five ways you can make your direct mail postcards stand out from the competition.

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1. Simple is always best

The temptation to cram every bit of information or use the flashiest image on your postcards is real. You want to stand out, so think that more is better. It’s not. Keep your customers engaged with a few punchy lines and a striking image that’s not too busy. Only include the most relevant information and add it on the edges of your postcard so that the customers read it. Use your website for detailed explanations about your products or services.

2. Use a cohesive front and back design

You never know which side of your postcard a potential customer will see when they open their mailbox. Keep your design cohesive so that it won’t matter whether they look at the front or back first. If you offer something like free shipping, add a small note in the corner of both sides to make sure your customers know you offer that service.

3. Be creative with the size

Postcards must adhere to specific USPS regulations to qualify for special rates. You can choose from two standard sizes. Regular postcards are 8.5”x5.5”, while jumbo cards measure 11”x5.5”. Choose the larger size to pique the curiosity of your customers. Remember to keep it simple even with all the extra space.

4. Use striking images that aren’t busy

Images are the future of communication, and they can make or break the success of your direct mail postcards. The right pictures help you develop your brand identity and build credibility with your current and future customers. Use high-resolution images instead of fuzzy or blurry ones. Make sure they relate to the products or services you offer and are true to your brand’s visuals.

5. Include a powerful call to action

Make your CTA clear and bold so that the customer doesn’t have to work hard to figure out what to do next. Be polite but direct. It is a direct mail postcard after all. Use different colors and fonts to make your CTA pop. If you can, personalize it. When you address someone directly, they are more likely to continue reading. Consider adding a QR code or PURL as it’s more convenient for your customers to follow your CTA.

Remember these five tips the next time you plan your postcard campaign, or leave it to us. We creatively and skillfully develop direct mail solutions to boost your conversion rates and reach new clients. Contact Premium Productions at (800) 297-1990 or complete this contact form. We look forward to designing a postcard that even converts you.

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