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Garage Predictors

Target likely owners of the brand(s) of vehicles you sell!

A proven predictor of future interest in a certain brand is to look at what vehicle the client likely owns now. Garage predictors is a series of models that make it possible for you to target households by vehicle ownership and currently performs at a 70% accuracy rate (rank 1). That means 7 out of 10 of the individuals that you target will own (or recently owned) the brand selected. (Example: if you were to select a Chevrolet garage predictor list, 70% would be Chevrolet owners and the other 30% are likely domestic owners.)

Garage Predictors is a highly accurate statistical model which meets the privacy requirements of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act and related legislation while enabling you to make highly targeted selections.

Select from over 100 models like:

  1. Ownership of no vehicles, one vehicle or two or more vehicles
  2. Ownership of current makes (and in some cases past makes)
  3. Ownership of types of vehicles like: Economy, Midsize, Sporty, Luxury, Minivan, Sport Utility, Pick-Ups and others
  4. Ownership of vehicles purchased new or purchased used
  5. Ownership of an Asian import
  6. Ownership of a European import
  7. Ownership of a vehicle that is 0-1 years old, 2 years old and other breakdowns up to 21+ years old
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We provide customized garage predictor services for any industry including automotive marketing to the entire Bedford, New York & Pennsylvania surrounding area!