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Phone Number Append

Our service provides fast updating and verification of phone number information for your important database files.


  • Make personal contact with your customers and prospects
  • Increase accuracy of existing phone numbers
  • Expand your range of marketing activities
Add current, accurate phone numbers to the records in your residential or business contact database. If you have resident addresses with names, we’ll append phone numbers. If you have business names and addresses, we’ll append phone numbers and/or fax numbers. If you only have phone numbers, try our reverse phone append service and get the names and addresses added to your list for maximum performance and data enhancement! If you select the optional Do Not Call (DNC) service, we will also append a code field telling you which DNC database the client is currently listed in. Where applicable, codes included are Federal DNC, selected State DNC, and the Direct Marketing Association Telephone Preference Service (DMA/TPS). Please be aware, however, that by selecting the DNC service you will be required to supply a Subscriber Authorization Number (SAN) from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and a signed Authorization Form. The SAN is available by registering here. If you elect not to process your file through DNC or if your organization is exempt from DNC regulations, you will need to sign and fax a waiver form to us. You or the owner of the data should ensure that your telemarketing efforts conform to all Federal and State DNC legislation. We are an automotive full-service advertising agency providing phone append services for any industry including the automotive market. Let us help you create a marketing plan today! Call NJ car dealer marketing agency for more information.