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NCOA Service

National Change of Address Services – NCOALink®

Over 43 million Americans move each year, most actually staying in the same county/state. You need SmartMover to stay in touch with your customers, and there’s no easier way than working with Premium Productions, Inc. While it’s required by the USPS® to NCOA your list.

Here are some reasons why you should NCOA:

Payback typically ranges from 200% to 300% of the cost on the first mailing. You will have lower postage, printing and mail preparation costs. You’ll speed the delivery of your mail and reduce undeliverable mail by providing the most current address data. We deliver fast turn-around time – both same day and next day service are available. The NCOALink Database The full NCOALink file is a consolidated file of move information that on average contains approximately 160 million permanent changes-of-address (COAs) filed with the United States Postal Service (USPS). These COAs are retained on the file for a four-year period from the move effective date and the file is updated weekly. The data is compiled, address data is standardized and data quality checks are performed. The data is then added to the NCOALink database. The typical profile of the new address information contained on the NCOALink file is as follows:
  • 80.92% are forwardable moves (provide new address information)
  • 1.18% are unconfirmed new addresses – new address not yet available
  • 13.8% are moved, left no forwarding address – no new address information
  • 3.92% are PO Box closed – no new address information
  • 0.18% are foreign moves – no new address information
NCOA identifies businesses, individuals, and families who have filed a Change of Address with the USPS® within the last 24 months. Smartmover: The software solution required for USOS® NCOALink® End User and Service Provider licenses for in-house Move Update processing. The USPS neither establishes, approves, nor controls rates at which NCOALink services are offered. The following trademarks and registrations are owned by the United States Postal Service: NCOALink, DPV, USPS, United States Postal Service. We provide National Change of Address Services for your New York Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns. Let us help you create a marketing plan. Serving the entire Pennsylvania & Massachusetts area!