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Database Services

Database VINdication

This is compliant and available in all 50 states. The process reviews each VIN in the file and compares it to vehicle registration records. The process uses the transaction date (sales or service) to confirm whether or not there has been a transfer of title subsequent to the listed transaction date.

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List Processing

Premium Productions uses a thorough and effective method for processing database lists. Learn step by step how we compile our data into a list best suited for your needs.

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NCOA Service

National Change of Address Services – NCOALink®

Over 43 million Americans move each year, most actually staying in the same county/state. You need SmartMover to stay in touch with your customers, and there’s no easier way than working with Premium Productions, Inc.

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Minimize marketing costs, maximize returns.

We offer several advanced methods for merging and purging customer data to reduce redundant database records.

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CASS Certification/IMB Coding

A certification program implemented by the USPS® to govern the preparation of bulk mailings. Basically, CASS (Calling Accuracy Support System) is responsible for address hygiene and routing information that lowers postage costs, speeds delivery, and reduces undeliverable mail.

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Phone Number Append

Our service provides fast updating and verification of phone number information for your important database files.

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