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Credit Lists

Credit Score Premium utilizes the three major credit bureaus to extract prospects in your target score range to help you segment any portion of your market and identify the best prospects for your direct marketing campaign.

Premium Credit puts your promotion on track for success. The system is fast and extremely flexible, regardless of whether you requested a list based on a single credit attribute, or a combination of some of the 40 available demographic and automotive qualifiers.

Select by SCF, County, Zip Code, Radius.

Select Make, Model, Vehicle Year, and other selections may be available.

This list is updated monthly and duplicates are removed.

Choose from:

Auto Scores Age of Most Recent Trade Auto Repos Most Recent
SSN First 5 Output PO Box Eliminator Revolving Acct Aggregate $
Minimum Credit Indicator Auto Lease Months Remaining Estimated Income
Auto Loan Months Remaining Auto Lease Monthly Payment $ Homeowner Flag
Open Auto Loan Auto Lease Payoff Amount $ Hispanic Flag
Auto Loan Status Age of Oldest Auto Lease # of Major Derogs
Current Auto Loan % Paid Age of Most Recent Auto Lease # of Student Loans
Age of Oldest Auto Trade Term of Lease # of Student Loans/Different Lenders
Auto Loan Monthly Payment Total Trades on File Student Loan Aggregate Balance
Open Auto Lease Auto Repos # of Deferred Student Loans