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Mailing Lists

For every direct mail campaign, a targeted, up-to-date mailing list is an absolute requirement. No matter how compelling your message and design is, the response is guaranteed to be disappointing if it is delivered to the wrong audience.

With Premium Production’s extensive market knowledge and extensive proprietary list development products, you get the data segmentation and modeling information you need to precisely target your outreach and energize customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty/win-back.

Compass Data Solutions®

Our goal is to reach the perfect potential customer base for every campaign.

Our unique proprietary system provides accurate prospecting data specific to the auto industry. The system targets potential customers through data mining of multiple databases using predictive analytics and historic models to create highly accurate market plans by market segment, delivering greater customer response.

The strength of our Compass Data Solutions® is realized in stronger response rates and our SalesMatch reports help identify opportunities for adjustments to ensure consistency and generating higher returns!

Data Mining uses multiple sources including:

Precision+® • Credit bureau • IHS • Public Data

Identifies True Conquest Customers • Delivering Real In-Market Customers

Precision Plus ®

Our Precision Plus Database uses industry-leading data technology to aggregate vehicle ownership data from a wide array of transactional data resources including insurance companies, express service locations, manufacturer reported and self-reported data.

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Garage Predictors

Target likely owners of the brand(s) of vehicles you sell!

Garage Predictors is a highly accurate statistical model which meets the privacy requirements of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act and related legislation while enabling you to make highly targeted selections.

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Targeted Saturation

Targeting by Demographics allows you to reach families with children, high home values, high or low incomes, ethnicity targets and many other demographic variables. Saturation mailing is perfect for mass-market coverage with affordable list costs, and maximum postal discounts. This method gets your message in homes that currently receive little or NO automotive advertising. Focus your Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns to more qualified prospects with the lowest postage rates!

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Credit Lists

Credit Score Premium utilizes the three major credit bureaus to extract prospects in your target score range to help you segment any portion of your market and identify the best prospects for your direct marketing campaign.

Premium Credit puts your promotion on track for success. The system is fast and extremely flexible, regardless of whether you requested a list based on a single credit attribute, or a combination of some of the 40 available demographic and automotive qualifiers.

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Bankruptcy Lists

Bankruptcy filings will continue to increase. Therefore, there should be a significant number of prospects to select and to market the benefits of your offers.

Our Bankruptcy and public record lists are compiled straight from court records. These files include bankruptcy chapter 7 and 13. Enhance your selection by excluding or omitting certain prospects by bankruptcy filing dates, discharge dates, homeowners and more. Lists will include the Name, Address, City, State & Zip and will have been NCOAd.

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Ethnic Surnames

Put your product, service or message in front of many specific ethnic groups that collectively represent billions of dollars in purchasing power!

Premium Productions, Inc. has reliable mailing lists to reach them. Fine-tune your ethnic data with filters like geography, income, age, gender, families, even automotive purchase prospects for many groups.

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Consumer Lists

Premium Productions, Inc. is the quality leader in researching and providing small businesses and individuals the opportunity to achieve a competitive edge by identifying the most targeted consumer data available for their next direct marketing campaign.You will appreciate our experience with these lists as we narrow down the thousands of consumers’ lists to the ones that best meet your needs.

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Business Lists

We make it easy for you to reach true decision makers who need your product or service using useful selection criteria that include business type (SIC/NAICS code), executive title, and company size.

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Database Services

Premium Productions offers a wide array of database services.

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