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Mail Anywhere

The Mail Anywhere program provides Premium Productions, Inc with special permissions to mail using any permit at any post office. Since the USPS trusts our mail is processed correctly, our projects with unique permits can now be verified at any DMU, instead of being trucked to the facility where the permit is held for verification.

The Benefits of Mail Anywhere include:

  1. Maintaining a single permit and centralized account to enter and pay for all mailings across the country
  2. Local Permit Number or Company Imprint Indicia may be used at any location
  3. Permit application fee not required at additional mailing locations


  • Authorization is at the eDoc submitter CRID
  • Mail Owners fall under MSP
  • Each MSP must be authorized
  • Mail Owners who submit their own eDoc must be authorized.

Supported Classes of Mail

  • First‐Class letters, postcards and flats
  • Standard letters and flats
  • Bound Printed Matter flats
  • Periodicals letters and flats (Periodicals can use a single Publication ID across multiple locations under status quo operations. Under Mail Anywhere, Periodical mailers do not need to submit a 3510‐M when using multiple entry locations, as long as the Publication ID is included in the eDoc.)

Eligible Permit Types

  • Permit Imprint
  • Pre-canceled Stamps
  • Metered Mail
  • OMAS (future enhancement)
  • Periodicals

Eligible Submission Types

Mail Anywhere requires electronic postage statement (eDoc) submission using:

  • Mail.dat
  • Postal Wizard (Full‐Service)
  • Mail.XML
  • Intelligent Mail for Small Business (IMsb)
  • Permit types are not interchangeable (e.g., you cannot use a Pre-canceled Permit to mail via a Permit imprint)