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How to Be Successful with Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing

Premium Productions, your leader in direct marketing, would like to share these tips on how to be successful with real estate direct mail marketing. If you cannot generate the right kinds of leads with other methods, try these strategies and see if they don’t help boost your results exponentially:

How to Be Successful with Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing
  • Target The Right Audience
    • You must determine your ideal customer first (buyer or seller). Are they at a high, medium, or low income? Also, be clear about the intention of your marketing campaign. Are you trying to raise awareness or determine qualified leads? This determines how you execute your entire strategy.
  • Follow The Seasonal Trends – Timing Is Everything
    • This requires a little research but generally people like to sell houses between the spring and fall. That would be the time to be more aggressive in your direct mail marketing. During the off times (holiday months), focus more on awareness.
  • Decide On The Frequency Of Your Campaign
    • The best method may be to spread your postcard distribution out a bit. It doesn’t do much good to inundate your intended market all at once. Shoot for once per month or so. 
  • Design Postcards That Grab Attention Instantly
    • Use beautiful pictures and attention-grabbing headlines. If your postcard is boring or uninspiring, you won’t gain much traction with it. The best approach is to figure out what your ideal customer wants, and then zero in on that immediately.
  • Include Contact Information
    • In the old days, this might have meant including just a phone number and return address for your business. Limiting yourself to that would put you behind the power curve in today’s world. Be sure to include social media links (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) in all your postcards.
  • Consider A Direct Mail Digest Newsletter
    • In addition to hooking your client with a catchy headline and picture, you might want to consider crafting an informative newsletter. Not everybody wants to read a whole lot, but some clients are information oriented and would appreciate the touch.

If you’re in need of specific guidance or coaching on how to nail an effective direct mail marketing campaign, Premium Productions is willing to lend a hand. Whether you need to design postcards or become frustrated with the logistics of mail frequency, we’re here to help. All these matters are within our domain of expertise. Call us at 800-297-1990 to inquire about our services. You can discover more about our direct mail services here. We also offer a wide range of digital services, which can help you integrate your direct mail approach with web-based marketing.

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