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Here’s What to Know When Printing Postcards for Direct Mail

One of the best uses for direct mail is through the use of postcards to market to your customers. Both small businesses and large businesses benefit from postcards. They are inexpensive to create and mail. However, you want to get the most out of your postcards as possible. Here is some information on printing and mailing the perfect postcards. 

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Your first step to printing the perfect postcard is to figure out exactly what you want your postcard to say to your customers. Keep your message very direct and simple. You want your message to stand out. In order to stand out even more, use a die cut to make your postcards into a different shape other than a rectangle. You need to be aware that your customer base may want to work with a company that is eco-friendly, so select a printing company that cares about the environment. If possible, you need to work in a photo that demonstrates what you are selling. 

Here are a few other tips. You want your postcard to be colorful, so be sure and choose a color that stands out. The thicker your cardstock paper, the more likely your customers will notice, which equates to sales. Think about adding a perforation for coupons, contact information or business cards. If you don’t like the perforation idea, you may want to try a sticker that customers can peel off and place on your calendar. Be sure and follow up with your customers to make sure that your postcard was an effective marketing strategy. 

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