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Grow Your Business by Being a Direct Mail Reseller

Are you involved in a business that communicates with customers but wants to increase your bottom line and your market reach? Now you can do both by becoming a reseller for Premium Productions. You can improve your business while helping your customers improve their business as well.

Businesses that can benefit from our reseller program include:

Business Professional
  • Independent sales reps or groups
  • PR firms
  • Printers
  • Mailing list providers
  • Consultants
  • Anyone trying to reach more customers

Premium Products is a full-service digital and print marketing company. We produce a great variety of marketing programs including:

  • Automotive direct mail campaigns 
  • Campaigns for small businesses including direct mail programs
  • Digital marketing in partnership with DigiSphere Marketing
  • Printing and production services
  • Mailing list and other mailing services

The key to any successful direct mail campaign is to get a customer’s attention and have them  take action on it. We help design mail campaigns with a direct call to action message, attention-grabbing graphics, and clear contact points to minimize customer confusion. As a Premium Productions reseller, you can take advantage of our programs with a minimum of upfront costs. 

The biggest advantage of our reseller program is the opportunity to take a new program to your customers by offering them enhanced direct mail and marketing programs developed and maintained by Premium Productions. Your retention rate of your customers will improve as they see your reseller efforts reflected in their improved bottom line. You can expand the reach of your customer base well beyond anything they might imagine on their own.

For more information on Premium Productions and our direct mail and other marketing programs please call 800-297-1990.

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