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Get More Web Traffic with Direct Mail

Can direct mail get you more web traffic? The answer, in summary, is yes. But it is a process in itself. Our Premium Productions team looks at the how-to for getting more web traffic with direct mail.

Personalize Your Direct Mail Copy

Prospective customers – and even current customers – do not like a copy or an advert that feels like it is directed to everyone else. From the headline down to the body of your copy, the content of your copy should be made personal for every prospect who receives it. That is one way to show you care about them before leading them to your website.

Offer Something Enticing

Car Dealer Direct Mail

While your headline has to be written with great care to capture the essence of your direct mail copy, if the body of your copy has nothing enticing to offer, your copy will be tossed in the trash can. Simply saying “visit us at” will not cut it; you have to show them why by offering something: perhaps suggesting a free trial of your product/service, a free sample or a coupon. Give them something free and help them decide to visit your online business office.

Your Call-To-Action Should Be Direct

After offering them something enticing in the body of your copy, ensure you specify what you want your prospective customer to do. Do not leave them hanging or hope that they will figure that out.

Easy URL Works Best

Go for a short URL for your landing page. Also, the URL should be easy to spell.

Direct Prospects to Your Landing Page

A different webpage ought to be built for your prospects. This helps save your prospective customers from being inundated by too much information which could take away their attention from what you would love them to focus on. 

Additionally, you can track your copy’s response rate and collect further information from your landing page – and this brings us to the last tip.

Integrate a Database Collection Point on Your Landing Page

Build a database from the first prospect to visit your landing page. Create a custom contact form to collect names, email addresses and possibly, phone numbers.

Contact us to help you write and deliver your direct mail campaigns to your prospective customers. We are Premium Productions, a full-service car dealer marketing agency near Buffalo. Call us today at 800-297-1990 and start reaching new automotive customers tomorrow.

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