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Follow These Tips to Kick Up Your Direct Mail Marketing Response Rate

Creating what you think is a great direct mail piece, then finding a low response rate, can be a frustrating experience. The intent of direct mail is to get a response from prospective or current clients, and a poor result can cause you to rethink the need for direct mail. It is important that direct mail remains part of your marketing budget, but there are some things you can do to improve it.

Jump Start Your Direct Mail Marketing Response Rate with Premium Productions

Have a clear call to action

Direct mail should always have a call to action statement, but doing that well is more difficult than many people think. It may be offering a discount or free gift to those who contact you soon.  Regardless of the incentive, a call to action should include these features:

  • Make it stand out on the direct mail piece. Do not hide it with other information, make sure it is clear and easily seen.
  • It needs to have an immediate action. A call to action cannot be an indefinite offer — make it time-sensitive so people act now.
  • Be specific rather than general — Don’t ask people to call today for more information, give them an incentive to call. Otherwise, they won’t respond.

Personalize the piece

People respond more to direct mail that appears to be directed to them personally. Surveys have shown repeatedly that people are more likely to open and read mail that is addressed to them, rather than a “recipient”. Take the time to create direct mail that offers a personal message or format.

Make your direct mail digital

Even though you are using mail to reach customers, you need to add digital components to make it easier for them to respond. A QR code scannable with a phone, or a personalized URL address that connects customers directly to you, are both ways to use digital enhancements to increase your response rate.

Don’t ignore your existing customers

Although you may be using direct mail to find new customers, make sure you don’t ignore your existing ones. You have a much higher chance of a repeat sale from an existing customer than gaining the first sale from a new customer. Another advantage of marketing to your existing customers is that you already know what interests them from their previous purchases. This can allow you to further personalize your message to get their attention.

How Premium Productions can help

Premium Productions are experts in direct mail systems. We have over 22 years of direct marketing experience to help you create winning direct mail campaigns regardless of your business. If you are struggling with an effective direct mail program call Premium Productions today at 800-297-1990.

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