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How Can Your Direct Mailers Avoid Being Seen as Junk Mail?

Direct mail campaigns are as effective as ever. However, it is possible a direct mail campaign can be viewed as junk mail by a recipient. There are ways to avoid this. To learn how your direct mailers can avoid being seen as junk mail, keep reading.

Did you know the average person receives 16 pieces of junk mail each week? When an individual checks their mail, they expect to receive junk mail more often than they receive a personal letter. In order for your direct mail campaign to stand out, follow these tips:

Direct Mail Pieces

First, know your direct mail audience. Who are you sending your mail to and why? If you are targeting a specific demographic of clients, be sure to grab the recipient’s attention right away with your direct mail. For example, you may be reaching out to potential customers who are looking for a new car. If this is the case, make sure your mail is clearly advertising new car sales. If you are sending mail to potential clients who are in need of car maintenance, lead with details about service so the recipient knows the mail is helpful and designed with their needs in mind.

Another way to separate your direct mail from junk mail is by getting the timing right. If you’re targeting a specific audience, be sure you’re sending this mail at a time that is most useful to them. For example, if you’re advertising discounts to recent college graduates, send out direct mail in the spring. If you’re having a discount on tires before the winter weather hits, send out your direct mail campaign in the fall.

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