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Make the Best of Your Direct Mail with These Timing Tips!

Direct mail campaigns can be great for a variety of purposes, not the least of which is creating asurge of business at a time when you need it most. However, organizing and managing a direct mail campaign can be a hassle and even overwhelming if you don’t have experience with it. Timing is everything and a slip-up can sink a campaign and, at worst, cost you money. We have compiled a few tips below to help you pull off a successful direct mail program.

Plan For the Season

The first key to successful mailing is to understand when your busy seasons are, which will vary depending on your specific business. Knowing these times will help you determine the best time to launch your mail, which is actually before the busy season begins. Not only does this prime customers to come to you first, it helps you avoid last-minute marketing when you are already occupied with the business at hand.

Properly timing your direct mail push can be coordinated with seasons for ease of reference. For example, if you are busy during the winter, begin your mailing campaign during the summer and fall. Below are two sample businesses you should be familiar with, along with their ideal mailing times:

  • HVAC – This business is in demand during summers (for A/C’s) and winter (for furnaces). Mailing during the spring and fall is ideal.
  • Lawn Care – This business booms in spring and summer, so a mailing campaign over the preceding winter is the ideal time. An additional summer campaign can help secure fall leaf removal.

These timings place the business in the readers mind for recollection in upcoming months. Additionally, it allows you to maintain contact with the customer continuously without being obtrusive and without gaps due to off-season inactivity. If the timing is done correctly, it is entirely possible to become the “go-to” and secure long-term customer loyalty.

Time Appropriately

Some campaigns focus around deals and promotions, with time-sensitive components that require action on the part of the customer. If your advertisements contain these features, it is critical that you send them promptly to ensure they reach the customer with enough time for action to take place.

Getting time-sensitive materials such as coupons to your customers in time for a sale should be a simple process, but unforeseen delays can push back your timetable and threaten an entire campaign. Spending a good deal of money on a promotional package that expires before customers can take advantage of it is a worst-case scenario to be avoided.

Prompt delivery of materials can also have additional benefits. Providing useful time-based information with your adverts, such as schedules, reminders and calendars, can turn an advertisement into something a customer keeps for reference. This creates an opportunity to have your promotional material installed in a place of prominence by the customers themselves, which is invaluable.

Work with Your Direct Mail Vendor

Even with great timing and planning, avoiding production delays is essential. The best way to achieve this is by working with your vendor to ensure full communication and smooth operation. Ask your vendor the following questions:

Are you working with a backlog and can you start right away?

Starting off behind schedule is a rocky beginning for any campaign

How long does it take to complete a campaign like mine?

This is a critical piece of information if you are to time your campaign appropriately

Are you a full-service direct mail company, or do you outsource?

The more entities involved, the greater the chance of delays

Can you deliver on a specific day?

It is difficult to control the exact day of delivery, but experienced mailers can usually get pretty close and can adjust in the most beneficial way.

The answers to these questions can give you a good sense of whether a direct mail company is up to the level of service you require. Don’t be afraid to look elsewhere if your provider can’t give you what you need. If you find yourself in need of a direct mail service, we encourage you to consider Premium Productions. We’ve been a premier provider of direct mail services since 1997 and we can take your campaign from factory to mailbox when you need it to happen. Give us a call at 800-297-1990 for a consultation, you won’t regret it.

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