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Digital Services

Premium Productions has partnered with a premier provider that provides full-service digital advertising services.

Via our work with DigiSphere Marketing, we are proudly able to offer the following digital marketing services to your business:

We will consult with you about your vision, your needs, and your likes and dislikes before building you a custom responsive website for your business. Some of the highlights of our websites include:

  • Responsive - Google recommends responsive website design and that is what we provide. Separate mobile site and adaptive websites may be functional, but they are not the best. We only do responsive designs.
  • Mobile first - Google continues to move toward a mobile-only index. This means your desktop version that is being indexed currently will soon become irrelevant. Because of this known direction, we make sure that everything we do is mobile ready first.
  • Conversions - After years of A/B testing, heat map testing, and general research, we are confident that we can make a site built for conversion for any industry, including eCommerce.

Organic traffic is the largest source of traffic (and the least expensive) for most businesses. In order to dominate in this area you need real people doing real work that provides real results. Get advanced SEO services such as:

  • Full on page optimization - Hand crafted personalized optimization of all on page elements for every page of your website.
  • Local SEO - We build all of your local citations and correct your incorrect listings so that you get maximum authority for local searches for your business.
  • Content Marketing - Our in-house copywriters generate unique, relevant content that help bolster the keywords we are tracking for your SEO efforts.
  • Link Building - Once your site is fully optimized we focus on building only high quality relevant back-links to your site through white hat channels.
  • Transparent Reporting - You have full access to web-based reporting that provides real time and historical information including keyword tracking and analytics data from Google.

We manage all aspects of paid search campaigns. There are many channels that must be utilized in order to form a comprehensive digital marketing strategy with your search engine marketing dollars. Here are some of the most important paid marketing venues we utilize.

  • Google Text Ads - This is the staple of all digital paid search strategies. Google is still the number one place where your customers are doing searches. When you want to get aggressive, we help by building out very specific, relevant ads that link to a relevant landing page which raise your quality score and decrease your marketing costs. We make your dollars go further and generate more ROI by paying attention to the fundamentals of paid search!
  • Bing & Yahoo Text Ads - Everything we are doing on Google should be replicated to these other major search engine platforms. The volume isn't as high, but neither is the cost!
  • Display Advertising - Build your brand by showing up when your customers are visiting other websites such as news, hobby, social platforms, etc. You can get in front of a lot more people with your marketing message through targeted display advertising campaigns and only pay when they click through to your site.
  • Social Media Marketing - Some of the most cost-effective paid search campaigns are being done on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube! You should be in front of your customers are! These platforms are great for paid search marketing as they offer some of the best targeting and lowest costs for your campaigns.

While posting on social media may seem like a mundane task that doesn't have a direct impact on your bottom line, we often have to point out that organic rankings depend on social signals still for your main website. We maintain regular posting and responding to engagement on the following networks:

  • Facebook
  • Google My Business
  • Instagram
  • Twitter