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Digital or Traditional? A Marketing Comparison

If you were in the marketing field in the early 1980s, it’s possible you based much of your strategy on Jay Conrad Levinson’s 1984 book, Guerilla Marketing. While it’s almost 2022 and much of the world has changed since then, the fundamental concepts of marketing are still in practice. No matter what products and services you’re trying to sell, you need to promote them properly and reach the right demographic to maximize profits. With social media becoming the juggernaut that it has, digital marketing is becoming one of the best ways to reach the public. Traditional marketing with its tried-and-true concepts exists in the digital age, so which one is better? We’re about to find out. 

Traditional vs. Digital Marketing at Premium Productions

Digital Marketing – Theory and Practice

As you can assume by the name alone, digital marketing utilizes many of the devices we use daily to its advantage. Social media, mobile ads, and email promotion are some examples. One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is having oversight on how well your campaign is doing. You’ll know how many people have seen your ad and interacted with it across various social media platforms. Collecting information from your customers and interacting with them a lot closer is another advantage that has arrived in the digital age. 

However, there are disadvantages. Like technology itself, the digital world is in a consistent state of evolution. Staying ahead of the curve is difficult, so your team absolutely must be “in the know.” While digital marketing utilizes the aspects of modern technology to its advantage, it’s also at its mercy. For every server that goes down an opportunity to reach prospective clients gets missed. 

Traditional Marketing – Kicking it Old School 

Depending on who you ask, you might hear the phrase “the old ways are still the best ways.” Traditional marketing methods have mostly remained unchanged since their inception. These methods include television, newspaper, and leaflets to help get your message across and reach customers. While knowing the initial results of a campaign might be harder to measure, getting your message out is a lot easier. A billboard on the highway will certainly be seen by almost anyone on their daily commute, and mailers sent out with a newspaper will greet someone as they sit down with their morning cup of coffee. 

Much like digital marketing, there are disadvantages to pair with the benefits. Printing anything can add up quickly as far as your budget is concerned. When something goes to the printer, there’s less of a chance to correct a mistake before the process begins. This means that having an editor on staff is important to guarantee no noticeable errors are contained in your ad. Typos are easy to miss and they can make your advertisement look like a rushed job. 

The Final Verdict

So, which method is best? It depends on the age group of your demographic and what you’re trying to provide. The younger generation tends to be “switched on” to current trends and may respond more favorably to advertising on social media.  The older working-class who read the newspaper or pass by billboards on their daily commute will certainly be a better target for traditional marketing techniques. 

Whichever type of marketing you choose to utilize, Premium Productions is an expert at both. Give us a visit at and take your marketing game to the next level. To reach us by phone, give us a call at (800) 297-1990.

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