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Seize Sale Opportunities in Your Market!

Understanding the sales trends at your automotive dealership and competitor’s dealerships is important. With a stronger grasp of your sale trends, you can continue these trends to increase business. If you are unsure of how to keep track of your sales trends, consider cross sell reports and campaign evaluations from Premium Productions. To learn more about these tools, just keep reading.

Cross sell reports are a way for automotive dealerships to better understand sales trends. The Polk Cross Sell Report is a top cross-sell reports tool. Use this report to determine new and used car sales by the area, which can help you identify and seize sale opportunities in your market. When targeting these areas, you can attract customers to your location who are interested in making a purchase at your dealership. Aim your campaigns at the areas that show up in the Polk Cross Sell Report to get the most out of your advertisements.

Cross sell reports help you understand how to target certain demographics, while campaign evaluations help you understand how successful your current campaigns are. At Premium Productions, we are constantly looking at how our campaigns perform for our clients. Because of this approach, we are always looking at ways to improve our campaigns to help you achieve the most success possible.

When Premium Productions evaluates a campaign, we look at how many vehicles were sold over an 8 week period of time. We also look at how many vehicles were sold at your dealership compared to the competition. We even review the top 10 new and used registrations by make, the top five new, and top five used vehicles that were sold to this group. All of this information can help your business grow, so why not receive a campaign evaluation from Premium Productions? To do so, call us today at 800-297-1990!

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