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Conquest Email Marketing Can Help You Attract More Customers

By this point in time, sophisticated businesses and marketers know that email marketing is one of the most crucial ways of gaining a customer base. Premium Productions can help you build your brand with all sorts of angles and approaches, but email is one of the biggest and fastest ways to accomplish this. Let’s look at conquest email marketing and how it can help you attract more customers.

What is conquest email marketing? The goal of conquest emailing is to systematically target your intended audience or ideal client with messages that will inevitably result in a sale of your intended products or services. When done effectively, it can bolster your business, but you want to avoid some mistakes that lead people to ignore your email messages. 

Attract More Customers with Conquest Email Marketing

Mailchimp is well known for email marketing, and they have these tips for building your marketing list.

  • You cannot buy email addresses for you email list. Email lists are heavily predicated on permission. Buying a list is prohibited so you must be prepared to create your own. This involves getting people to opt into your brand somehow. This can be done by offering special discounts, giving away prizes, and other incentives to get them to sign up to receive your email newsletter.
  • Familiarize yourself with regulations. Both the U.S. and other countries have anti-spam legislation such as the CAN-Spam Act. It helps to employ somebody whose tech savvy with an email to avoid the various spam filters out there as well.
  • Make your emails conversational. The last thing you want to do is waste the potential for a new client by sending them the same generic irritating email spam that you ignore or delete from your inbox yourself. Creating a conversational tone to your marketing will give your target audience and customers an opportunity to view you as a person rather than just somebody hocking a product or service.
  • Send messages sparingly. Many people complain about being flooded with emails. What might start as a good email correspondence can deteriorate quickly if the receiver thinks they are being inundated with emails.

One of the unique features that Premium Productions brings to this is our Precision+ email system. Precision+ email lists allow you to identify people who have been searching for the things you’re trying to sell. You can target people based on location, income level, lifestyle choices, and more based on information from Internet searches. Premium Productions allows you to harness that kind of information (legally) for an effective email marketing campaign.

Want to find out more about Conquest Email Marketing? Contact Premium Productions by email or phone at 800-297-1990. We can’t wait to help you grow your business with smart, targeted, conquest email marketing.

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