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Conquest Email Marketing & Campaigns Bring Customers to You

Conquest automotive email marketing campaigns can be very effective in bringing customers to your website and ultimately to your dealership. Premium Productions takes email marketing a big step beyond our competitors and so can you — here’s how:

When potential customers are researching car information, the top five things they are looking for include:

Email Marketing
  • Researching car prices
  • Finding cars listed for sale
  • Comparing models
  • Determining the worth of their current vehicle
  • Locating a dealer or getting dealer information

Sending effective email blasts is far more than blanketing your DMA with emails. It’s about carefully developing subject lines and content so that your emails not only get opened but are looked at and convert to sales. Premium Productions has proprietary email lists that directly target customers who are actively looking for a car, researching prices or lease information, or searching for service locations.

Our Precision+ email lists give you the market segmentation data you need to effectively reach the best customers. Target selections include customers who have been showing interest in buying or leasing, active searchers for make/model information, income levels, geographic areas, credit information, and even lifestyle choices based on search histories. Just as important is a visually appealing message, so our email designs are eye-catching and have an immediate call to action. We make it easy for customers to click through to your website, thereby increasing your click-through rate.

When you contract with Premium Productions we promise you a quick turnaround on your campaign, with normal deployment within 48 hours. We utilize numerous servers and IP addresses and our software will optimize your campaign for optimum email delivery. We follow all DMA guidelines and we are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant. Our emails are responsive which makes them easily readable on all mobile devices. We track all activity through third-party software such as Google Analytics and will provide reports so you can see the return on your email marketing costs.

For more information on our Conquest Email Campaign Services please call Premium Productions at 800-297-1990.

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