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What are the Best Fonts for Printing?

So, you’re probably already aware that not every font option from your word processing software works well in professional publications or print mail marketing. Wingdings just don’t cut when you want to entice a client or customer to buy into your product or business. There are a lot of font types from which to choose, but what are the best fonts for printing?

The Key Differences between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

In today’s world, the landscape has greatly changed when it comes to how businesses want to market themselves, but also how they NEED to. Gone are the days where a billboard overlooking a busy freeway or a commercial on TV were  prime real estate to get your product or services in front of leads. Today, there aren’t only the traditional avenues of marketing, there are now digital as well. And it’s important to know the differences. 

What are the Advantages of Promotional Products?

Looking for ways to boost your follower base and promote your service or product?  It sounds like it’s time for you to invest in promotional products in your advertising.  Here at Premium Productions, we excel in promotions.  We’ve spent the last 22 years mastering our skills with direct marketing and printing to help marketers and their agencies.  We specialize in direct mail promotions, digital channels marketing strategies, and creative services, all of which will boost your client base and sales. 

Five Reasons Printing and Mailing Services Should Be Part of Your Marketing Efforts

Although society is highly digital with seemingly everything, there’s something refreshingly old-fashioned and special about opening the mailbox and pulling out correspondence. Promoting your business via means of printing and mailing services is a smart and constructive way to get noticed and stand out over competitors. Premium Productions offers five reasons why this method is advantageous over other forms of advertising.