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3 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing

Automotive Direct Mail | New York Car Dealer Advertising Agency

Direct mail is dead, right? Increasing postage costs, paper, handling all the mail and so forth lead many to the conclusion that direct mail is inefficient and expensive. It is true that the amount of direct mail is slowly decreasing with the rise of digital marketing, but there are good reasons you should consider direct mail to promote your dealership.

Four Direct Mail Tips for a Higher ROI

Automotive Direct Mail Advertising | New Jersey Car Dealer Marketing Agency

Direct mail used to involve a big mailing list and repeated mailings to create a low level of response. There was a small return on investment (ROI) but it was felt that the high volume was needed to create the ROI they obtained. Premium Productions thinks there is a better way, and here are four ways for mailings to create a higher ROI using a focused approach.

Why Dealerships Still Prefer Traditional Marketing

Automotive Direct Marketing Campaigns | Car Dealer Advertising Agency

Many auto dealers continue to use what is often referred to as “legacy” advertising: radio, TV, and newspapers. They are not comfortable with social media and are reluctant to use the Internet particularly when they feel a customer’s identity would be revealed.

Three Reasons You Should Use Direct Mail Marketing

Automotive Direct Mail | Pennsylvania Car Dealer Advertising Agency

A lot of people think that paper mail is a thing of the past. Who needs snail mail when we have access to emails, blogs, Facebook accounts, and every type of social media we could imagine? Here at Premium Productions, we use direct mail marketing to our advantage, and want to do the same for you and your business!

The Most Effective Automotive Direct Mail Pieces

Car Dealer Direct Mail | Automotive Full Service Advertising Agency

When it comes to direct mail, you want to be sure your automotive direct mail is as effective as possible. Investing in an aggressive campaign can improve your relationship with your clients, and even beat out the competition from other automotive dealerships in your area. The following list, with information provided by, contains the five most effective auto dealer direct mail pieces. Check them out:

Produce Direct Mail Copy That Sells!

Car Dealer Direct Mail | Automotive Promotional Printing

Direct mail needs to get the attention of a reader. There is a lot of direct mail thrown in the trash or recycle bin because the content didn’t connect with or clearly state the benefits to the reader. Here are five tips to creating direct mail content that will sell your products or services.

How Do Mailing Lists Work?

National Auto Dealership Mailing Lists | Automotive Direct Mail Agency

Every car dealership understands that mailing lists play an integral role in any successful direct mail marketing campaign. In fact, using the right list can effectively make or break your campaign. Direct mail experts report that the single most important element in determining the success of a mailing is the list that is utilized. It’s called “The 40-40-20 Rule”: 40 percent of marketing success comes from the mailing list, 40 percent from the strength of your offer, and 20 percent comes from your creative design. So, with so much at stake, how do you decide which type of mailing list is right for your dealership? Here’s a look at the different types of mailing lists out there and how they work.

Direct Mail: Short is Sweet

Car Dealer Direct Mail | Automotive Full Service Advertising Agency

The word’s out: direct mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to find and retain customers. Direct mail provides businesses a golden opportunity to advertise their company’s name and promote products, services, and coupons. Compared with internet marketing, direct mail offers a more personalized and tangible form of interacting with the consumer. But while research shows that long copy is highly effective on the internet, it has quite the opposite effect when found inside a mailbox. Your mailer has a brief window of opportunity in which to really make a statement. That’s why, when it comes to direct mail, short certainly is sweet. We’ve got a few tips to help you deliver direct mail with short, effective copy.