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What are the Best Fonts for Printing?

So, you’re probably already aware that not every font option from your word processing software works well in professional publications or print mail marketing. Wingdings just don’t cut when you want to entice a client or customer to buy into your product or business. There are a lot of font types from which to choose, but what are the best fonts for printing?

Conquest Email Marketing Can Help You Attract More Customers

By this point in time, sophisticated businesses and marketers know that email marketing is one of the most crucial ways of gaining a customer base. Premium Productions can help you build your brand with all sorts of angles and approaches, but email is one of the biggest and fastest ways to accomplish this. Let’s look at conquest email marketing and how it can help you attract more customers.

Digital or Traditional? A Marketing Comparison

If you were in the marketing field in the early 1980s, it’s possible you based much of your strategy on Jay Conrad Levinson’s 1984 book, Guerilla Marketing. While it’s almost 2022 and much of the world has changed since then, the fundamental concepts of marketing are still in practice. No matter what products and services you’re trying to sell, you need to promote them properly and reach the right demographic to maximize profits. With social media becoming the juggernaut that it has, digital marketing is becoming one of the best ways to reach the public. Traditional marketing with its tried-and-true concepts exists in the digital age, so which one is better? We’re about to find out. 

Make Your Direct Mail Postcards Stand Out from the Competition

Direct mail postcards are one of the best ways to attract the attention of potential clients. You can analyze data and strategize until you’re blue in the face. Without a design that grabs a customer and makes them want to take action, you can’t get results. At Premium Productions, we understand this better than most. We’ve compiled a list of five ways you can make your direct mail postcards stand out from the competition.