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About Automotive Marketing and Advertising

Automotive Direct Mail Agency | Car Dealer Marketing

Automotive Direct Marketing Campaigns

Premium Productions is a successful automotive direct mail agency that consistently performs well in marketing for car dealers. From printing creative designs to updating advertising information every night at midnight, they continue to provide excellent service and profitable outcomes for their clients. They are also able to target consumers, thereby increasing the efficiency in their marketing campaigns. If you’re looking into automotive direct mail as a form of marketing, Premium Productions is the way to go.

Successful Direct Mail Campaign Tips

Requirements for successful Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns

Car Dealer Direct Mail Facts:

Did you know — 81% of households either read or scanned advertising mail in 2011, according to the DMA. For small and medium sized businesses in particular, NY automotive direct mail is an important tool to use because it provides immediate response with leads and sales. Direct mail is personal, you can tell a complete story, and it is much more credible than e-mail.

7 Requirements for Success:

1. Set goals — Make it clear on what you hope to achieve from your automotive direct mail campaign. Your goals for the mail piece will drive list selection, your message, special offers and layout.

Customer Targeting

Automotive Direct Mail | Car Dealer Advertising Agency

Automotive Direct Mail Advertising

You’re a car dealer but you’re just not connecting with your consumers. You think you’ve tried everything, from TV commercials, to wacky waving arm guys, to exorbitantly priced billboards, but it’s just not adding up. What you need is some help from Premium Productions, an automotive advertising agency serving the PA area. As a leading Automotive Direct Mail Agency, we know what it takes to run a successful automotive direct mail campaigns. It is crucial to have a laser focus on the consumers that matter, while still reaching the maximum number of likely buyers. We’ve run countless successful car dealer direct mail campaigns, and we will use our experience to ensure you reach the customers you need.

Generating More Sales

Automotive Direct Mail | Car Dealer Advertising Agency

Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns

The Internet has made the car buying experience both less stressful and more convenient. You can find everything you need with just one click of a button, but what if you want to draw more people to your dealership, how would you do that? That’s where we come in! We specialize in not only generating more sales, but also getting potential customers in your door. We are one of the top leaders in automotive advertising and Automotive Direct Mail. Our agency can help you boost your sales and get the word out about your dealership where ever you may be located, from New York to Pennsylvania!

Are you using Personalized URLs (PURLs) in Your Direct Marketing Campaigns?

Direct Marketing Campaigns | Automotive Advertising Agency

Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns

A PURL is a personal website created specifically for each recipient of your direct mail campaign. Using a PURL will ensure your prospect will see a custom message through relevant personalized content on your campaign landing pages available with our Automotive Advertising Agency.

If you use PURLs in your next automotive direct mail campaigns you benefit from:

Automotive Marketing Agency

NY Car Dealer Marketing Agency | Automotive Direct Mail

Automotive Marketing Design Gallery

We are an Automotive Full Service Advertising Agency that can deliver a wide variety of marketing services to build your customer base and create raving fans. Generate more customer with our Automotive Direct Mail program that finds those that want to purchase from you and market only to them. We will then analyze the results and show you exactly what your return on investment was so you can keep to your budget. Let us introduce you to how our Car Dealer direct mail services can find you buyers for your dealership.

Determining Your Core Market

NY Automotive Marketing Agency

Where does an effective marketing plan begin?

When creating a marketing plan, a business must first determine its primary or core geography. After studying dealer sales data for many years, we find that most car dealers sell 85% of their vehicles to customers within a 15-mile radius. Some exceptions exist in very rural markets, but even in these cases, it rarely surpasses 20 miles.

Automotive Print Marketing Services

Automotive Print Marketing | Promotional Printing Services

NY Car Dealer Marketing Agency

When you are a NY Car Dealer, marketing is the most important way to capture an audience and Premium Productions Automotive Advertising Agency has the resources for your car dealership to reach more clients. Through our Automotive Print Marketing, you can connect and build strong relationships with your current and potential customers. NY Automotive Marketing Agency will bring your ideas to life with our Promotional Printing Services.