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Car Sales Email Templates Don’t Always Work

Dealers who use email templates with a “one size fits all” approach may assume their messages are getting through to their customers and prospects, but the opposite may be true. Here is why a standardized email template is not a good way to deliver your message, and how Premium Productions can solve this problem.

Spam filters

Today’s email systems have sophisticated spam filters. These protect the email clients from getting mail with potentially harmful viruses, or just getting mail from unknown parties. If your email template doesn’t contain any information specific to the client, your email is likely to end up in the spam folder without being read.

Generic mail can lose customers

If your emails are generic without any personalization, they can be a reason you are losing customers. Many Americans say they will break ties with companies who send general information obviously sent to everyone without any recognition of their relationship. Shoppers want to be acknowledged for giving you business, and will leave you and go with a dealer who does precisely that.

Now here is the good news — Premium Productions can create targeted email campaigns which do the following:

  • Connect with your customers on a more personal level
  • Learn about your customers’ interests, needs, and buying habits
  • Target emails for a customer’s desires, such as wanting a new SUV or hybrid
  • Recognize existing customers for their brand and dealer loyalty

In addition, email targeting can continue throughout the sales cycle. We can find customers who have been looking at car pricing online, and target them with an incentive. You can send emails to customers looking for bargains, showing them special offers for cars you want to move off your lot. You can also target existing customers with parts and service specials to keep them coming back to the dealership.

Let Premium Productions show you how targeted emails can grow your business, and keep your emails from ending up in the spam folder. Reach out to us today by calling 800-297-1990!

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