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Getting Personal with Direct Mail

Automotive Direct Mail

Automotive Direct Mail Leads

There’s just something special about seeing your name. From birthday cakes to inscribed jewelry, personalization make the statement that someone went the extra mile to recognize you. Car deal direct mail can tap into that same feeling – we know from experience that personalizing any mail piece results in a higher response rate than a generic direct mail campaign. As a full service Automotive Advertising Agency, Premium Productions has spent many years developing personally branded and unique direct mail campaigns that have time-tested effectiveness with buyers and sellers of automobiles.

Are you using Personalized URLs (PURLs) in Your Direct Marketing Campaigns?

Direct Marketing Campaigns | Automotive Advertising Agency

Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns

A PURL is a personal website created specifically for each recipient of your direct mail campaign. Using a PURL will ensure your prospect will see a custom message through relevant personalized content on your campaign landing pages available with our Automotive Advertising Agency.

If you use PURLs in your next automotive direct mail campaigns you benefit from:

Automotive Marketing Agency

NY Car Dealer Marketing Agency | Automotive Direct Mail

Automotive Marketing Design Gallery

We are an Automotive Full Service Advertising Agency that can deliver a wide variety of marketing services to build your customer base and create raving fans. Generate more customer with our Automotive Direct Mail program that finds those that want to purchase from you and market only to them. We will then analyze the results and show you exactly what your return on investment was so you can keep to your budget. Let us introduce you to how our Car Dealer direct mail services can find you buyers for your dealership.

Determining Your Core Market

NY Automotive Marketing Agency

Where does an effective marketing plan begin?

When creating a marketing plan, a business must first determine its primary or core geography. After studying dealer sales data for many years, we find that most car dealers sell 85% of their vehicles to customers within a 15-mile radius. Some exceptions exist in very rural markets, but even in these cases, it rarely surpasses 20 miles.

Marketing Design Gallery

NY Car Dealer Marketing Agency | Automotive Direct Mail Advertising

Automotive Marketing Design Gallery

The age-old question asks “If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?” The fact is, it really doesn’t matter if it makes a thunderous crash, if no one ever hears it. At NY Car Dealer Marketing Agency, we specialize in making sure that that your Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns not only project the right message, but that the message reaches the ears of those consumers ready and willing to buy a vehicle from you! Our targeted and precise Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns have proven success, and allow you to measurably ascertain the campaign ROI, so that you can be assured that your marketing dollars are being utilized in the best possible way.

Automotive Advertising Agency

New Jersey Automotive Advertising Agency | Car Dealer Direct Mail

Car Dealer Advertising Agency

Premium Productions is an Automotive Full Service Advertising Agency for car dealerships across the nation. We are a full service advertising agency for the automotive industry. Premium Productions provides design, print, and complete campaigns to help you reach more customers in a professional manner. As an Automotive Advertising Agency, we have the experience and expertise to get a clear message to your potential clients.

Automotive Direct Mail Agency

Automotive Direct Mail Leads | Car Dealer Advertising Agency

Automotive Direct Mail

When customers are searching for a car dealer, Automotive Direct Mail is strong way to capture their attention. Premium Productions’ automotive Direct Mail Campaigns and Advertising will help you captivate your audience. Automotive Direct Mail Leads are created with your ideas and Premium Productions turns it into reality. Let our Automotive Direct Mail Agency bring your customers into your car dealership.

Automotive Cross Sell Reports

Automotive Advertising Agency | Car Dealer Direct Mail

NY Automotive Cross Sell Reports

Premium Productions is an Automotive Advertising Agency that provides car dealers with direct mail campaigns and cross sell reports. Our NY Automotive Cross Sell Reports are based on recent data. Information is normally received from state offices that govern vehicle titles. As your New Jersey Automotive Advertising Agency, we provide you with the ability to customize Automotive Cross Sell Reports by make, buyer, location, and model year. Every Automotive Direct Mail campaigns will be designed specifically for each cross sell report.

Automotive Print Marketing Services

Automotive Print Marketing | Promotional Printing Services

NY Car Dealer Marketing Agency

When you are a NY Car Dealer, marketing is the most important way to capture an audience and Premium Productions Automotive Advertising Agency has the resources for your car dealership to reach more clients. Through our Automotive Print Marketing, you can connect and build strong relationships with your current and potential customers. NY Automotive Marketing Agency will bring your ideas to life with our Promotional Printing Services.

Integrate Mail

Car Dealer Direct Mail | Automotive Email Marketing

Integrate Mail with Other Media (for increased response and database building)

Let’s face it: Your targets are becoming harder to reach. They’re busy e-mailing, texting, connecting on social networking sites, watching hundreds of television channels, viewing online videos and listening to satellite radio, among other things.

The good news for Automotive Email Marketing is that all those other mediums can work with mail in new and interesting ways that get results. By taking advantage of diversified channels, you can add impact, build engagement and strengthen your database.