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Advantages of Exclusivity With a Retailer

Automotive Direct Mail | Car Dealer Print Marketing

Having exclusivity with a retailer can mean huge perks for both the retailer and the distributor. These advantages can improve business relations, customer relations and more. Check out the following article, with details provided by Chron, for more information on the advantages of exclusivity with a retailer.

Merchandise Ideas Worth Putting Your Brand On

NJ Automotive Direct Mail | Car Dealership Promotional Printing

Do you have a business that you’re trying to promote? Billboards, newspapers and magazines, and television and radio commercials are always great ideas, but why not throw your logo and info onto some actual products?

5 Ways to Increase Your Dealership Sales

Automotive Marketing Services Analysis | Car Dealer Print Marketing

Auto dealerships may enjoy new and pre-owned sales numbers for a time, but an effort must be made to continuously improve sales. There are proven ways to use advertising to improve sales, but there are also other actions a dealership should take to maximize the potential of their operation.

Traditional vs. Digital Marketing: Strike the Right Balance

New York Car Dealer Advertising Agency | Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns

Digital marketing is a new concept to many dealerships who are comfortable with TV, radio, and print advertising. The use of digital marketing outlets has exploded in the last decade and for good reasons. Let’s review how both types of marketing can be useful to your operation.

Why Email Marketing Still Works For Auto Dealerships

Car Dealer Email Marketing | Automotive Promotional Printing

Think email marketing for auto dealerships is outdated? Think again. Email marketing is just as effective as ever, even though there are nearly 200 billion emails sent across the world every day, according to 9 Clouds. In fact, this unimaginably large amount of emails sent every day is exactly why email marketing is still so effective for auto dealerships.

4 Easy Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Automotive Direct Mail | NY Car Dealer Advertising Agency

There are many ways to market your products or services to customers, and a good way is direct mail marketing. There is a catch, however, in that you need to do more than just send out large quantities of mailers. Let’s look at how Premium Productions can help you develop a useful direct mail program.

3 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing

Automotive Direct Mail | New York Car Dealer Advertising Agency

Direct mail is dead, right? Increasing postage costs, paper, handling all the mail and so forth lead many to the conclusion that direct mail is inefficient and expensive. It is true that the amount of direct mail is slowly decreasing with the rise of digital marketing, but there are good reasons you should consider direct mail to promote your dealership.