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Marketing Ideas for Dealerships this New Year!

Automotive Direct Mail Advertising | Car Dealer Print Marketing

Make marketing your new year’s resolution this year. Your dealership can generate sales with powerful marketing strategies in the new year by following our extraordinary advice. If you want to learn more about how you can market your dealership this new year, continue on with this blog post.

Get Results with Email Marketing!

Automotive Email Marketing | Pennsylvania Car Dealer Advertising Agency

Here at Premium Productions Direct Marketing, our goal is to help our clients improve their marketing with our industry knowledge and data-driven, impact direct marketing campaigns. We also utilize lead generation and loyalty programs to give you the best possible results.

5 Tips for Better Holiday Marketing

New York Car Dealer Advertising Agency | Pennsylvania Automotive Direct Mail

As the holidays quickly approach, we know that consumers are spending more on their loved ones, and themselves. Specials and deals pop up everywhere, and it’s important to know how to market your product to the right audience at the right time to get the most out of holiday spending.

Seasonal Direct Mail to Amplify your Dealership Traffic

Automotive Direct Mail | Car Dealer Advertising Agency

As the holidays approach, so do the opportunities to send direct mailers to your customers. Two of the greatest ways to drive traffic to your dealership is through holiday sale events and direct mailers. Combine these two and you can pack your dealership with customers.

Advantages of Exclusivity With a Retailer

Automotive Direct Mail | Car Dealer Print Marketing

Having exclusivity with a retailer can mean huge perks for both the retailer and the distributor. These advantages can improve business relations, customer relations and more. Check out the following article, with details provided by Chron, for more information on the advantages of exclusivity with a retailer.

Merchandise Ideas Worth Putting Your Brand On

NJ Automotive Direct Mail | Car Dealership Promotional Printing

Do you have a business that you’re trying to promote? Billboards, newspapers and magazines, and television and radio commercials are always great ideas, but why not throw your logo and info onto some actual products?

How Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Leads to Dealership Success

Car Dealer Direct Mail | Automotive Marketing Services Analysis

Automotive marketing isn’t just about selling new or pre-owned cars. It’s all about gaining customers and then retaining them for repeat sales. You can use direct mail marketing to successfully gain and keep customers using a variety of techniques:

5 Ways to Increase Your Dealership Sales

Automotive Marketing Services Analysis | Car Dealer Print Marketing

Auto dealerships may enjoy new and pre-owned sales numbers for a time, but an effort must be made to continuously improve sales. There are proven ways to use advertising to improve sales, but there are also other actions a dealership should take to maximize the potential of their operation.