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Write Direct Mail Copy That Sells!

As many advertising companies (or businesses which handle their own marketing campaigns) realize the valuable customers who are able to be reached through direct mail and are getting back into it, it has created a lot of new or blended techniques and designs that are more like something you would expect to find in your inbox rather than your mailbox.

Tap into the Direct Mail Market!

It is hard to believe that what was once the entire foundation and structure of advertising and marketing campaigns is now the most underutilized. With the advent of digital media and access, so much of this type of content is made up and distributed online. But the fact is that as the overall strategy of reaching out to and connecting with an audience is moving away from physical mailers and materials, it leaves a huge opportunity open for people willing to capitalize on it.

Discover the Benefits of Direct Mail Call Tracking

When it comes to direct mailing campaigns, gauging how effective the campaign is itself poses serious challenges. The traditional means of tracking a campaign involves counting the number of coupons redeemed (if applicable) or looking at any increased sales activity during its duration. Besides being dated, such methods put a greater amount of work on you than necessary. There are certain ways to automate data collection for some methods (for example, coupon redemptions can be collected digitally), but direct mail call tracking can be used for any print or digital campaign.

Monitor Your Ad Performance with Call Tracking

When running any marketing campaign, it is important to test and measure results to know if your money is well spent. If you use call tracking numbers from Premium Productions in your direct marketing materials, you will not only be able to capture phone leads but also track results in easy to read reports. Automotive dealer marketing relies heavily on demographics, and call tracking will give you an excellent idea if you are reaching your optimum customers.