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Core Elements of a Marketing Strategy


Develop profiles of segments in market


Differentiate the market offering to create superior customer value


Evaluate the importance of each segment


Develop marketing plans for each segment


  1. Cycle dealers database mailings into 60-90 day cycles. Target loyal vehicle owners when they reach the correct optimum time frame of ownership.
  2. Target conquest owners – Utilize 160 million direct auto database to reach conquest owners. Reach owners of same manufacturer vehicles in the geographic market who purchased their last vehicle elsewhere.
  3. Use purchase predictor and in market resources to reach consumers who are likely to be looking to purchase a vehicle right now.
  4. For dealerships in a high lease percentage market the off lease list should be included in every monthly marketing budget.
  5. Based on the dealer’s used vehicle inventory and sales goals a monthly sub-prime mailing should be used as a tool to insure constant vehicle turnover. Sub-prime mailers bring in high margin sales and assist in moving over-age vehicle units.