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Automotive Direct Mail Options

Automotive marketing programs can be diverse, with many dealers opting for digital or video marketing channels. Premium Productions feels direct mail supported by 21st Century technology can be a very effective way to market your dealership. Here’s why:

nj automotive direct mail

First, Premium Productions has over 20 years experience with automotive direct mail. We can design, print, and handle all mailings for your dealership, eliminating the need for your employees to be handling mail duties. The technology comes into play with Market Segmentation databases which can drill down into local communities to find excellent prospects looking for their next car.

We can develop profiles of segments in your local market area. Our databases look for customers who have purchased one of your cars or a similar car from a competing dealership. If you are leasing a high percentage of cars, we can help target customers who will be coming off lease. We can also develop mailings to help move your pre-owned inventory, often at higher margins for your dealership.

Premium Productions knows that direct mail or any marketing campaign is useless without the means to measure success. Therefore all our campaigns are designed with the ability to measure results, allowing us to fine-tune and improve future campaigns.

If you are ready to explore direct mail marketing, come to Premium Productions and take advantage of our more than two decades of expertise to help you design and execute a direct mail campaign to boost sales, move inventory, and kick your ROI into high gear. Call us today at (800) 297-1990 or fill out our contact form. We can also support marketing programs using call tracking, email marketing, and promotional printing, so call Premium Productions today!

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