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How Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Leads to Dealership Success

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Automotive marketing isn’t just about selling new or pre-owned cars. It’s all about gaining customers and then retaining them for repeat sales. You can use direct mail marketing to successfully gain and keep customers using a variety of techniques:

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Awareness of trade-in value — Start targeting customers who have owned their vehicles for a while. Specifically set up the direct mail to make them aware of the value of their trade-in. Customers may not have considered upgrading to a newer model, but if you can offer them a reasonable trade-in you can gain a customer.

Connect the customer to aftermarket services — You need to support customers who buy your cars, and you do that with aftermarket service and parts, and body works if you perform it. You can direct mail targeted customers who may be looking for service on cars bought from you. Make sure you add a special or two to sweeten the deal, you want customers to develop the habit of bringing their car to you first.

Special events or grand openings — Targeted direct mail can get the word out when you are planning a special event at the dealership, whether it be a holiday special or BBQ for customers. If you have just opened or finished a big renovation, this might be the time for a targeted direct mail announcing your grand opening.

Reducing a car payment — Targeted mailings that offer customers ways to reduce their monthly car payments can bring them to the dealership.

Personalized mailings — There are many ways to personalize your targeted direct mail. Using first names, specific information about the customer’s car, and other techniques can make direct mail more personal to the customer. This can lead to new or repeat business for your dealership.

If this seems complicated, come to Premium Productions and let our professionals design and manage your targeted direct mailing campaigns for your automotive dealership. We have years of experience in providing direct mail, digital mail, and many other forms of auto dealer marketing. Let Premium Productions show you how we can increase your business with targeted direct mail.

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