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Two in One Tear Off Post Cards!

Premium Tear Off Postcards | Automotive Direct Mail

Here’s an awesome idea for promoting your business from Premium Productions- two in one tear off post cards! It’s two pieces of marketing materials in one, a postcard and a perforated tear off section that you can do whatever you like with. It’s perfect for a business card, coupon, membership card, raffle ticket, appointment card… it’s use is only limited by your imagination!

Look Professional with Custom Envelopes

Automotive Direct Mail | NJ Car Dealer Advertising

Personalize your Business Envelopes with Automotive Direct Mail Agency!

Any time you are contacting your customers, you want to be doing two things. One, you want a professional look that gives a good impression. Two, you want to be reinforcing your brand and logo. A great way to accomplish both of these goals is by using custom Automotive Direct Mail business envelopes. When you personalize your envelopes, you make your business, organization or event look more professional.

Various Design Galleries

Automotive Design Gallery | Car Dealer Direct Mail

Various Design Galleries Premium Productions Offers

Premium Productions is your home for all your Car Dealer Direct Mail needs. From print to radio, we can provide you with the best marketing services in town. If you’re looking for print or digital advertising, we offer a wide variety of designs which are available online in our Design Gallery.

How Are You Measuring Your Return on Investment?

Automotive Cross Sell Reports | Car Dealer Direct Mail Campaigns

Evaluating Campaigns

So you’ve advertised and you’ve gotten back your quarterly sales report. Good. Now, how are you measuring your return on investment? Our Polk Cross Sell Report can help. The report allows us to review car sales by area and identify and seize sales opportunities in your market. This information is crucial to ensure your business is getting its appropriate share of sales.

Automotive Letter Shop Services

NY Car Dealer Print Marketing | Automotive Direct Mail

Automotive Print Marketing Letter Shop Services

If you’re responsible for the marketing at an automotive dealership, you’ve probably come up against a difficult question at some point or another: how do you get more clients through the doors? You’ve tried television adds and billboards, but you’re still not reaching the numbers you need to hit. That’s where Premium 123 comes in.

Merge/Purge: Minimize Marketing Costs, Maximize Returns

NY Merge/Purge Database | Automotive Marketing Service Analysis

Minimize Marketing Costs, Maximize Returns

Sending Automotive Direct Mail to possible clients is one of the best marketing strategies available and Premium Productions does its best. But, with so much information stored in your company’s database, whether it be customers, potential clients, or even employees, things can get jumbled, disorganized, and often, information is repeated.

How To Target Market Buyers

NY Automotive Direct Mail Campaigns | New York Car Dealer Marketing Agency


All dealership sales professionals understand that their database of contacts is an asset. But, the job of sales professionals is to share engaging and helpful messages with buyers, not to understand the ins-and-outs of a complex relationship management system. Those two tasks take two very different mindsets. With our lead identification system, we help you sift through your hard-earned assets to find the real gems. At Premium Productions, we help your dealership identify those customers who are up to eight times more likely to purchase a vehicle within the next six months.

What is Automotive Promotional Printing?

NY Automotive Print Marketing | Car Dealer Full Service Advertising Agency

What is Automotive Promotional Printing?

Consumers now have more information than they know what to do with. And that makes grabbing their attention even harder. With the information super highway at their fingertips, it’s hard to land on their radar. But on the other hand, this is great for print media. It’s a chance to stand out and be different than retail brand number 573. Get into the real, physical hands of the consumer.

Targeting Consumers Using Demographic Variables

Automotive Direct Mail Leads

Successful Consumer Targeting Using Demographic Variables

Premium Productions is taking automotive direct mail to the next level by targeting consumers using demographic variables. This method effectively allows for the mail to reach specific populations, such as those that are known to be in the market for buying a new car. Having this information yields highly efficient marketing by decreasing the cost on advertising to those less likely to buy and increasing the exposure to those more likely to buy.

Increasing Sales with Direct Mail

Boosting Automotive Direct Marketing Campaigns

Automotive Direct Mail Advertising

We here at Premium Productions understand that automotive marketing services require a delicate, personal touch. We’re one of the nation’s top automotive advertising agencies, and we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the automotive industry. Where does that leave you? It leaves you at a huge advantage. Our automotive direct mail campaigns can massively boost your sales in real, measurable ways. Here’s how we do it.