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Are Postal Rates Going Up in August?

Premium Productions is your authoritative source for direct marketing, and we want to make you aware of an important development that could impact how you market, send, and receive things moving forward. It’s related to the post office too.

Are postal rates going up in August of 2021? It appears to be so. Here’s a summary of what to expect from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS):

  • First class mail will increase from $.55 to $.58 for the first ounce of mail. Additional ounces will remain at an additional $.20.
  • Postcards: The retail rate will go from $.36 to $.40.
  • Presorted Postcards: These will increase from a range of $.285-$.269 to a new range of $.326-$.306.
    • These are contingent upon the sizes of the postcard. It works to an advantage to buy larger postcards now if you purchase in higher volume.

What should we take away from this? It should probably be viewed as a call to a) take advantage of the proportionally better rate of a larger postcard (which visually stand out more anyway), and b) use larger postcards to incorporate new technologies like QR codes and smart speakers. These are the kinds of marketing tactics that savvy businesses are already utilizing. Now, there will be even more incentive to do so.

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For example, find out how Premium Productions can assist you as a Full Service Certified Mail Provider approved by the USPS. This allows us to help you get your mail sent out with the best postage rates/discounts available, no-cost address correction, address list management, as well as mail tracking with intelligent barcodes.

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